Northern Circuit

  • Serengeti

    Serengeti may be the world’s best-known wildlife sanctuary, and it is one of the top destinations for Mauly Tours as well. Its name means ‘endless plains’ in the local Maasai language, and at the peak of the migration in May and June,
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  • Ngorongoro Crater

    Ngorongoro Crater is hard to beat for its beautiful scenery, its animal densities and its wildlife-watching opportunities. The crater – actually a caldera, or collapsed volcano – has been declared a Unesco World Heritage site,
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  • Lake Manyara

    Manyara with Mauly Tours means the chance to spot the park’s famous tree-climbing lions (or at least one of Mauly Tours’ friendly tree-climbing guides). The park’s centrepiece is the lake. It shimmers pink in the distance with thousands of flamingos, and attracts an amazing variety of other birds as well;
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  • Tarangire

    Ancientness surrounds you in Tarangire. Centuries-old baobabs, with their massive trucks and bare, gnarled branches are one of the park’s hallmarks. Another attraction of Tarangire: the elephants,
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  • Selous

    Selous, laced with swamps in its northeastern corner, is vast in size and outstanding for its wildlife. The centre point of safaris here is the Rufiji River, which is filled with hippos and
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  • Mikumi Park

    Mikumi, bisected by Tanzania’s main southern highway, makes an easy-to-access stop. Its terrain includes the wildlife-rich Mkata flood plains, grasslands and woodlands, with the
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  • Ruaha

    Ruaha is Tanzania’s largest national park, as well as one of its most remote. Baobabs dot the landscape,backed by low granite hills and crisscrossed by sand rivers. Cutting through the
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  • Gombe

    Chimpanzees are the highlight at Gombe. Made famous by primatologist Jane Goodall’s research, several groups of Gombe’s chimpanzees are habituated to human presence.
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  • Katavi

    Visiting Katavi is like stepping back into Africa of several millenia ago. In the late dry season, from about August to October, thousands-strong buffalo herds trammel the plains
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  • Mahale

    Chimpanzees are the main draw here, together with the backdropof forested mountains rising up from Lake Tanganyika’s clear waters. Most visitors fly in. We recommend planning at
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