Serengeti may be the world’s best-known wildlife sanctuary, and it is one of the top destinations for Mauly Tours as well. Its name means ‘endless plains’ in the local Maasai language, and at the peak of the migration in May and June, central Serengeti is filled with over one million wildebeest, plus thousands of zebras and other plains animals.

Lions sun themselves on kopjes while cheetahs stalk through the tall grass. Birdlife abounds, with white-backed vultures soaring overhead, secretary birds standing by the roadside and colourful Fischer’s lovebirds in the grasslands.

Perhaps uniquely among East African parks, the Serengeti has no low season. It is a ‘must see’ and highly rewarding at any time of year. Let Mauly Tours specialists advise you on the best parts of the park to focus on during your visit.

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