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Just picture this: You’re sitting by the ocean, dhows sailing to shore at sunset, lanterns glittering off the waves in the distance…nothing could be more serene than Pangani. This is the beach getaway for those who don’t want the tourist crowd. Nestled in the Tanga region on the coast, Pangani is a small town filled with a rich cultural history. Here you’ll find yourself surrounded by a strange mix of old culture and modern life – with resorts and lodges abundant in some areas and rural farms and fishing villages prevalent in the rest. Here in Pangani, you can happily spend your days lying under a palm tree on a pristine beach without any need to ‘do something’ with your day.




Walking Tours - Panganis’ rich cultural history is clearly visible in the architecture of the city center. One of East Africa's oldest trading ports, here you’ll see signs of the old port, trading routes, and slave markets.


Boat cruise – Go for a boat trip to Maziwe Marine Park Island. Here you can swim, sunbathe and spend your day swimming with dolphins!