Saadani National Park

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Saadani National Park

For an adventure that involves exploring the wilderness with the feel of sea air on your face there is no other place to go than Saadani National Park. Saadani offers you a safari where bush lands meet the beachfront! Start the day tracking giraffes and leopards then unwind by the sea with dolphins and turtles to keep you company.


Size: 1062 km2


Species: Wildlife in the park includes four of the Big Five! You’ll find Masai lions, elephants, buffaloes, leopards, Masai giraffes, hippopotamus, crocodiles, yellow baboons, vervet monkeys, blue monkeys, black-and-white Colobus monkeys, Lichtenstein's hartebeest, waterbucks, wildebeests, bohor reedbuck, common and red duikers, dik-diks, civets, mongooses, genet cats, sable antelopes, warthogs, nile monitors and much more!