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Explore Tanzania and experience this great country to its fullest extent. Lounge on the beaches of Lake Victoria or Nyasa Lake, then gaze across the Indian Ocean towards the mystical, ever-exotic island of Zanzibar .

Safari across the rolling savannahs of the great Serengeti National Park and feast your eyes upon the magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro - the highest, permanently snow-capped mountain in Africa . Get to know the smiling, friendly people in many of Tanzania 's tiny villages - nearly untouched by modern time - or tour the busy, bustling cities of Dar Es Salaam, Arusha, and Moshi.

With years of experience in planning and leading customized safari expeditions throughout Tanzania, we at Mauly Tours are passionate about what we do. Whether it is our custom designed safaris, our scheduled departure ....
For a relaxing getaway, spend 4 nights at the relatively new and small Mchanga Beach Lodge, which sits on a stunning stretch of Zanzibar's east coast; then enjoy 1 night discovering the exotic sights and smells of Stone Town....
Its indeed a facinating mountain and climbing it will take you through 5 different climatic changes as you push for africa's highest point named Uhuru peak "peak of freedom". It is a unique mountain with tempratures .....
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